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How do we work?

How does the youth information centre work? Four guiding principles keep the organisation dynamic and active.

Get moving!
As a learning organisation we are always on the move and in a process of constant development. We are open to new things and feed off stimuli in our surroundings. That is why we are flexible in the choice of our topic matters and activities. We think creatively in order to discover opportunities for the future and to break new ground. Ongoing further education activities for our team contribute to the continuous development of the youth information centre.

Let youth work!

Young people are at the centre of focus of our work. We are aware of the fact that every human being is unique and respond to the individual skills and needs of our clients. We meet young people as equals with respect and attention. As partners they are actively involved in the design of our activities.

Live the aha effect!
We produce aha effects. We are motivated to look for creative solutions that surprise and spark curiosity. We have the courage to experiment. We do our work with a sense of fun and enthusiasm and encourage our target groups to take the next step.
We see in the individuality of our team members an enrichment for our organisation. We are open to discussions and ready to learn from each other. The skills of every one of us are perceived, appreciated and used appropriately.

Think in networks!
We work in networks: with all the areas of the youth information centre, with young people, with other organisations in Vorarlberg, Austria and beyond. Communication and regular exchange of experience are the basis for successful networking. We welcome opportunities to co-operate. Networking with our partners enriches our work with valuable exchange of experience.


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