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We offer a variety of services in the youth field.

aha-logo Youth Information
We research and store information relevant to young people, present it in a youth-centred way and communicate it via various channels to our target group. Young people actively participate in the design of the information. We encourage young people to focus in the diversity and to take knowledge-based decisions. This way we increase their ability to deal with information and media.

International Projects
With our local and international partners we organise youth exchanges and training activities. We increase the mobility and the intercultural competence of young people and youth workers.
As regional office for the EU programme YOUTH IN ACTION we inform young people and youth workers about the opportunities of this programme and co-ordinate the sending and hosting activities of the European Voluntary Service.

360-logo 360 – Vorarlberger Jugendkarte – Vorarlberg Youth Card
We offer young people between 14 and 20 who live in Vorarlberg access to reductions and services of partner organisations in the region. The wide variety of the activities offered in the fields of leisure time, culture, mobility, education and counselling is based in the world of young people. By having contact with them we pick up on trends and develop innovative actions for our target group with our partners.

invo-logo invo – service für kinder- und jugendbeteiligung – service for children and youth participation
By means of information, counselling and lobbying we promote the development of a culture of participation in municipalities, in institutions and at children and youth relevant places. We stimulate training activities on the topic of children and youth participation and create networks. We initiate and help new programmes and projects to develop sustainable participation structures.



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